Saturday, October 18, 2008

Retail Therapy

Well, not really...

I guess it's necessary for me to have these things if I wanna go forward. Being idealistic is one thing, but I guess practicality needs to come in some time. Now is the time. I'm making my move.

First up, the 20" iMac! I bumped up the RAM from 2GB up to 4GB, and increased the hard disk size from the standard 320GB to 750GBs. I plan to do some serious editing with this new toy. It's a bit scary buying this though. Just 1 day after i bought this, Apple released their new macbooks and macbook pros! If they come out with a newer iMac, i would be really unlucky! However, i suspect even if they did, the price might be more than I can afford.

I bought my second 'toy' today after reading and reading reviews for the longest time. Here you go, the best video camcorder ever according to, the Canon HDV HV30! Woot!
It uses mini-DV tape and not hard disk, which most consumers nowadays would get. I purposely chose this format because of itsease and speed when it comes to editing, so they say. Also, the best part about it is the 24p 'cinematic look' that it's so popular with.

Can't wait to come up with projects soon. For now, it's learn learn learn!



Azwandi said...

Speed bumps!

kinteruvoid said...

wow! great news! kepala hotak kau!