Monday, January 12, 2009


I have never studied psychology before but it interests me. I am very intrigued by our minds, to say the least, and the way it works. The most interesting aspect of the mind, to me, is in its complexity and the possible untapped powers it possess. I have written about this before (I think) but never actually researched about it.

I plan/wish/would like to embark on a 'thesis' to uncover something about Freud's theory of the subconscious. I know that his work is very popular and dozens of people would definitely have studied this but I personally have not. I don't even know what he says about the topic. I would very much like to find out and see if I agree or not.

Here I go. Into the world of research.



Jumping Jane. said...

Hooray! Nak pinjam buku teks saya? Haha

kinteruvoid said...

hooray! terima kasih. sila post ke alamat berikut:

no. ##, dunbl**e st, **mper*own, nsw.

lagipun saya sudah tamat kajian buat seketika kerana malas (dah agak ini akan berlaku).