Tuesday, March 31, 2009


What's so great about a drag queen in Sydney? Him being a lawyer/ student doesn't make it all that much more interesting. Well he is aboriginal, but doesn't look like it. A person with identity issues and looking for acceptance in a quite conservative community. The concept of the story is just so so. That's the documentary we just recently finished shooting. I've still got to get signed permission from UNSW for using their premise. This week is editing week and I'm already dead tired.

Some other ideas were pretty good, but didn't get chosen somehow. A gay loan shark who bashes people half to death, on boats, and goes to visit them at hospitals, a cancer patient and all round nice guy. That'd be one heck of a story. Instead, we got stuck with drag boy.

He's nice too I guess but I'm sick of the sound of his voice. (been listening to it the whole day, and possibly the whole week!).



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Inaaz Ariff said...

gay loan shark and drag boy. hmm.