Tuesday, May 12, 2009


The end is near. I have been thinking about it for a long time. It is creeping up on me. It's going to be the end of a part of a world, for me at least and it is inevitable.

I guess in a way, the end has come and passed, but I guess not for me. But this time, it is for real. There is a word for it...I can't seem to remember what. Something like morbid. pessimistic. negative.

I don't know if I have a choice or not. Either to end that part of the world, or just leave it for awhile. There are chances to be grabbed out there. People to meet, networks to be forged. But with it being so close, I don't know if I'm ready. I guess I'm not.

Time has always been the enemy.It is inevitable. inevitable. inevitable.

In the future, I'll find myself being over it. Everything has an ending. I'll have to. get over it.

But this is the present. And I'll keep thinking about it until it comes knocking. Pfft.



erina_z said...


Inaaz Ariff said...

Nothing's closer than close and nothing's too far from far. There's a very thin line between close and far. In fact, as paper thin as it is, it makes a huge difference, ey?

I support the indulgence. For once. Because I felt that too. I have been unfair to you, so indulge.

Okay, it's freaking 4.49 in the am. So I'm somewhat a bit nicer :p

Gaathumb! said...

dude! where have you been? menghilang pula. don't go m.i.a. before you really have to go m.i.a. okay?

Azalia Suhaimi said...

N, bila you nak come back homeeee?