Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Great Battle!

This is a weird stage in my life. It's good to know good people and orang hensem2 macam fungusinthemilk! I'm kinda confused about a few things. But we have to move forward.

Two songs are playing in my head. Yuna and Hanafi's 'Sparkle' VS 'The Foreigner' by seven collar t-shirt. Two really awesome songs. Go get 'The Great Battle' album by scts. Coming out soon! This feeling of zoosh is fully complemented by the album. Awesome stuff!

Watch Yuna and Hanafi performing sparkle here!

*album artwork by Rewan Ishak (Awesome!)

**ikanPaos Collective: the engine's warming up. We need support! Watch this space.



Rewan Ishak said...

Ini album bunuh diri punya. Emotional journey. The Foreigner melekat dlm kepala aku dari puasa sampai skarang. Tapi lights lagi suicidal. Depressed aku dgr lagu tuh.

N said...

tengah mood depressed ni bahaya dengar great battle nih!