Saturday, June 28, 2008

times of freedom and uncertain future

I have been here for four and a half years and have not been to Watson's bay even once until recently. Some might embrace this freedom and the luxury of time i have at the moment but in all truth, the weight of choice is sometimes overbearing. It is very daunting when you're at a fork in the road that determines the uncertain future.However you hate it. You still have to face it sometime. And make it soon.



Miss Aida said...

New South Wales?

Sometimes it takes you longer to visit the places that are near than to venture to the ones which are further.

That's human nature I suppose.

kinteruvoid said...

yup NSW. its just 30 mins away from where i live. you can even see the opera house and the harbour bridge from there.

what you said is absolutely right. I really need a trip around Malaysia properly. and also ASEAN.

(in nothingness) said...

i know exactly what you mean.

thankfully i got another chance at uni ... so i can hold on reality for another two years. and then i'd probably gradate right into an economic recession.

but hey, sooner or later ... we all need to face it i guess

kinteruvoid said...

i always find it amazing when people actually get what i mean.

you are so damn lucky to have that two years. do enjoy it.

i guess everyone in the world can relate to this maybe. its just that the actions we take might differ and differentiate us.

Inaaz Hanoum Ariff said...

yes nik. do it soon. you know what i mean ;P

muhammad ibnu hamid said...

Yes Nik, do it soon you know what I mean hahahaa