Saturday, October 4, 2008

on repeat

If a person were to sit at the same place with nothing else to do but to listen to the radio, he/she will notice one thing. The radio has songs on repeat.

It's a form of subtle torture. The sounds seep slowly into your head going on some kind of killing spree. Rampaging on and on in your mind, clearing it of all other thoughts or memories. Even the important ones are not spared. You are left blank with nothing else but those few songs.

1. I kissed A girl *edited
2. viva la vida
3. sex is on fire?
4. etc. I dont even know their names


5. i'm yours!

Radio stations have the power to kill songs.

How? Quite easily done. put it on repeat.



Inaaz Hanoum Ariff said...

It's I kissed A girl. Hehe.

and yes, it has been on repeat even in malaysia. except that in malaysia they censor the 'girl' part. so it becomes "i kissed a -----and i liked it!"

bangang gila.

kinteruvoid said...

oh shit. very bangang. the song sucks anyways.

yaya schmaya :) said...

nik, u tulis apa before u wrote "I kissed a girl"? hhhehe