Monday, October 27, 2008

Twists and turns

Something reminded me of the 'Never-ending Story'. How cool is that title.

I saw an old Bjork video. She finds a big book talking about her life. She brings this book to a publisher who loves it. Hence, it gets published and gains popularity. It turns into a play and shown to a packed theater. The publisher is among the crowd and Bjork is the star of the play. The play is about her finding a book, which turns into a play. So, in her play, there is another play with another group of people as crowds (the publisher is in this crowd as well).

confusing?! i don't remember the song name.

Charlie Kaufman writes the screenplay. The movie is about Charlie Kaufman writing the screenplay to the movie that we're watching. How twisted. Synecdote, New York. Can't wait to see this genious' directorial debut.

I find these interesting, yet something is still missing. All these concepts are but a shell. I need to find the underlying essence, the core.

Unlike life, it is all make believe.

I have an idea for a project.



Jumping Jane. said...

Bjork. Woot.

StingRay said...

ATTREYUUUU!!...tu ke nama budak nih??..part paling aku ingat lam cita ni..yang diorang naik sampan dalam lautan asid...pehh...

kinteruvoid said...

yeah damn...atreyu!! that's his name! haha