Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The making of a fantastical world

These are probably some notes, yet again. I might blog again later tonight but for now...

Red leaves


How would your version of a fantastical world be? What does it take to actually build it. From this morning ( before 'continued'), I've just came up with having red leaves. I think it'll also be nice if the bright sky was full of light pink clouds. The picture has to be crisp with the characters a bit less saturated. Vignettes would probably work out, a la Top Gear. The characters must also have the right wardrobe with the right color tones. I prefer dark colors ( against the bright-ish background). I know, this is all merely cosmetic.

Sometimes I think that whatever I write could make no sense to other people reading. It might be random but I need to get these thoughts out somewhere. Why not my blog. I used to be void of thoughts. Somehow, things are looking okay in my head. Maybe I need distractions.


I might do a quick bullshit count in my head.

Status: 2 events detected
Description: n/a
Solution: Bullshit 1 = n/a
Bullshit 2 = wait


I'd like the fantastical world to be urban. in a city like KL (red KL trees). Secret alleys with magical lighting and sparkling fog. Random weird, magical people around doing random things that don't make sense. Maybe a fantasy night market. I'm just trying to pass the time here.

Night market:
1. Small stalls decorated to high taste but cheap.
2. People selling mind food. Or books in food form and literally digesting knowledge.
3. Street performers performing mind numbing magic tricks. Yet, in that world, it is normal.
4. Beggars begging for happiness.
5. Emotions in physical form. People carry their emotions on postcard sized notes around their necks like a necklace. They are able to change these emotions (if they have the corresponding card)


I could go on and on. I should spare some time to churn out more and more and more and more and more and more ideas (properly!). This might not be the right output vehicle. An online blog? Compared to making private notes (that only I can read), it's just more fun when you think somebody else would read these (meaningless) words.



Jumping Jane. said...

I like your night market. I like, i like. I'm dead serious when I say I like it.

Let's make it a la Vienna or Rome? Cobblestone streets!! Ah, romantic. With friendly bakery stores and ice cream parlors that has all the sweetness in life, corresponding to your deepest, sweetest desire.

No sight of darkness.

Let's make our 'fantastical' world! Best siot.

kinteruvoid said...

jane, i like your enthusiasm haha. cobblestones are cool! even though i haven't actually been to those places. but that would fit in the 'fantasy'. maybe a waterfall? =)