Wednesday, October 8, 2008

With choice comes action

One has dreams. One has desires. One has wishes.

I wish I knew what other people who went through something similar has done. Wish I had access to enough people with experiences and stories to tell. Most people would have stories, I just have to get it out of them somehow. Maybe by asking politely? Hopefully.

Do we strive for these dreams, desires and wishes? sometimes. I know I will. That is a choice I've made.

What's next?

I need to follow up. Take action. Learn and seek knowledge. Build a solid background. Practice makes perfect. Be inspired by my surrounding and through people generally. Do what I can for the time being. As much as I can.

Be constant. Persevere.

How weird is it giving 'advice/support' to one's self? Online?

Very weird.


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