Sunday, November 16, 2008

Wartawan Hiburan

This is from a draft a while back.

I thought I wanted to write about the Malaysian entertainment press today. This thought came to me as I was watching Butterfingers being interviewed on Melodi. While watching that, I can't help comparing the person interviewing them with the likes of David Letterman, Jay Leno or even Rove. What makes it so different is the way they ask the questions.

Letterman, etc. ask questions in good light of the interviewee. I mean that their questions are based on promoting the interviewee, be it an actor, musician etc. Their Malaysian counterpart however (the Melodi person), asks questions as if he was harassing the interviewee (Butterfingers in this case) instead. Every answer by Butter is countered with a different, punishing and blaming, question. It's like a debate, with the interviewer on the offensive and interviewee on defense. Just accept the answer given and move on to the next question.

Even worse, the whole interview is twisted and turned in the editing room to make the interviewee look bad. They probably have a sick mindset of thinking that this is a way of presenting a 'panas' news? No wonder Malaysian artists hate to be interviewed.

This sickness is not unique to Melodi vs. Butter. It is there nation-wide. Have a look for yourselves.

P.S: Sapa kat Malaysia tu belilah album original. Jangan jadi macam aku, dengar online. Nanti balik aku beli. Janji.


Jumping Jane. said...

Malas nak tekan play.
Selamat tinggal dunia pun tak terbeli since 16. Hah.

kinteruvoid said...

jane: malas?! then u wont get what im trying to say in the post. what do u buy then?

Jumping Jane. said...

haha, no i didn't get what u meant. briefly understood.

a couple of dcfc, sp, magnet, yamagata, pete teo, radiohead etc etc. somehow tak terbeli lagi selamat tinggal dunia. but dalam wish list lagi of course.

Rewan Ishak said...

Apa yang kau cakap memang betul. Sebenarnya banyak lagi kisah kelakar seram itu belum termasuk kisah wartawan tak buat research. Aku pun tak paham mcm mana boleh jadi wartwawan. Do they know about journalism ethics and standards?

kinteruvoid said...

jane: kalau tgk video tu, mesti faham. wah semua bands/music yg u dengar sangat turbo.

rewan: aku takde jumpa lagi la video2 seram yang lain. tak cari pun. tapi mungkin diorang tengok rupa je kot. kena pakai susuk? tapi tak smua la kot.