Wednesday, November 12, 2008



I am still waiting for that 'ticket'. I need a fresh start. I am stuck.. Even though my plans have changed. I always wonder if this was a good choice. It's still not too late. Passion or the rat race? I've got support behind me, choice doesn't scare me. I've made the choice.

I'm maybe all talk, no action. But then again, i need that 'ticket' to act.

Luck? Am I just plain unlucky? A few others have got it already! Some people with the exact same circumstances as me! It's not luck, it's just how it is.

Obama is planning his moves now. Even when Bush is still president in office. Obama says he wants to start on the ground running. In a way, Obama is in waiting too. He can't act. But when he does, people expect it to be one hell of a ride. That's probably not going to be the case with me. Maybe I'll start out crawling but soon it will change hopefully.

What the hell am I rambling about?!

This is what you get when you sit in one place for a long time. You talk to yourself, in the form of blogging. Pass the time.


Most blogs are as vague as this. What the hell is the 'ticket'? What 'choice'? 'Luck'? What?

I believe this jumpyness is because our minds are jumpy. We can't think of one thing too long. You have to really concentrate. Which I am NOT doing at the moment.

Mental note: I am out of pictures. I shall go out tomorrow and take some. It's been awhile.

Might as well turn OFF.




mademoiselle_fatin said...

Hello Nik Amir!
It's been a while since I last dropped by and how I was stunned to see so many entries!

Oh well, passion beats anything else. Why do something if your heart's not in it, kan? I think you probably know that already.

I'm sure 'the ticket', 'the luck' and all the lot will come to you. Don't give up. All the best, yeah?

kinteruvoid said...

fatin: yes. saya rajin.n thanks for the good wish. btw, i've still to finish the prophet. haha. but the good news is, i've started.

Inaaz Hanoum Ariff said...

why does your feet look extra bony?

Jumping Jane. said...

ooohhh nama awak Nik Amir! cough. hahaaha. okay sorry. jumpy minds, hence, jumping? lol.

ah u read my mind, passion or the 'rat race'.