Monday, November 10, 2008

Kore wa ii nioi ga shimasu

"This smells good".

Have you ever been stuck in a small space with a foul smell? Today my friend is unlucky to experience that. Aoki-san, I totally understand how you feel. I had a similar experience.

I was on a flight to the Gold Coast, or was it Adelaide? I was probably flying back from Malaysia. I had the window seat. The guy next to me was sleeping soundly, wearing nightshades. Across from us was an elderly couple. And directly behind us was the toilet.

Don't beat me to the punchline!

Well, as you'd guess, the toilet was the granny! I think she has short intestines or something because the foulest smell on the face of the earth came out! Ya Tuhan! I could tell she had some kind of vegetarian meal just before.

So there I was. Stuck! The stech was so bad that the person next to me actually woke up. I could tell he woke up because he was stirring restlessly. He continued pretending to sleep. The guy next to him was avoiding eye contact with the makcik. She was looking in our direction. Three people who suddenly became restless. The third guy started coughing. He was the closest to the toilet. pity him. NOT! He took a blanket, covered it over his nose and pretended to go to sleep as well.

I couldn't breathe. I didn't want to use my mouth because then the germs and bacteria of the smell would go IN my mouth! I do not want to taste it. I held my breath as long as I could before the occasional breathing through my shirt.

By then, both guys next to me were coughing like crazy. I contributed some coughs of my own in the chorus. The sleeping guy must think that either people next to him let out this demon of a smell. He must also be having nightmares.

Suddenly, the old lady got up. I thought she was offended with all the coughing."I'm old, this problem comes with old age! Wait until you lot get old and face the same treatment!" she said. Or at least, that's what I thought she was thinking or going to say. Instead, she moved aside to let her husband through. He passed her in the aisle and went into the toilet. He shut the door behind him.

I screamed in my head.

Get ready for round 2!

Yes miss Aoki, I really understand.



Inaaz Hanoum Ariff said...

hahahahaha! thank god i wasn't there or i would've laughed so loud, she would terasa.

Laugh at you, not her obviously. Coz I can so imagine your xpression. tableybla

and btw nik! jahat cerita org tua! ahhaha

Jumping Jane. said...

wow. they really do grow old together that couple. there's beauty in it you know? (okay i tak pernah experience, so i tak tau!)

kinteruvoid said...

inaaz: if you were there, you wouldn't have been breathe to move pun! my expression was cool of course.

jane: grow old together and make other people suffer. i don't see the beauty of having really smelly ****. so, it's very not wow. ^^

erina_z said...

i just realized today that u've been updating your blog. tahniah.