Monday, December 15, 2008

between here and there

input and out. I need to work on both.

You observe and you think and you ponder. Jane said it. We live now. Not later, not in the future as we tend to think and want to. Where am I now? I'm between here and there (maybe even literally). I am waiting and making people wait. I shouldn't make people wait.

So, observe what? I guess, as cliche as it might be, the answer would be life. It might not be the present life. Definitely not the future. It could be the past. Even though now is an un-inspirational point in time, I have to make something out of it. I need to make it a point to soak in more information.

I am not the type of person who concludes things in my mind. I watch a movie and I get ideas and thoughts from them. And they stay that way. Ideas and thoughts. It doesn't get out, no output. I could not write reviews and opinions. Well, I might have opinions, but when I focus on it, to figure out what I think to put in words, what I thought about something, all I can find is...VOID. Hence the title and possibly original purpose of this blog.

I need to learn to observe and churn out some sort of contribution. I need to have thoughts on things and put it in words. How else can you translate this life? To tell it? That's my aim, telling life, as honestly as possible, but with a few twists and turns of course. So I have to learn.



Jumping Jane. said...

Art and life. The last chapter in my philosophy text book. Sedih, really.

You'll find your way. And Jane doh! haha.

kinteruvoid said...

why is it sad?