Friday, December 5, 2008


My marathon started on Tuesday. This post is by no means a review of any kind, merely opinions I guess. I am useless when it comes to reviews. I am void of thoughts. I saw all the following movies alone. heh.

First was 'Australia'. I thought it was decent. The cinema wasn't full, I was comfortable. I had room for my legs, which was good. I found it just okay. I wasn't bored. But I wasn't moved or feel connected to it either. It was an OK experience. However, I did something exciting last night. We went to ATLAB. This is where most, if not all films are developed and/or color graded in Australia. They were working on 'Australia' while I was there. They also had heaps of film rolls lyring around, waiting to be sent to cinemas. I saw 'When the earth stood still' film rolls. How cool is that?! I got a small souvenir, a strip of 35mm film roll. Jakun!

Later that night, was the opening film 'After School'. This was a huuuuge treat. This was probably the best movie I've seen this year. Everything was just brilliant. The acting, the marvelous plot, the beautiful color of film, etc. Everything. ... I can't find the trailer on youtube. How sad. I wonder how you guys are going to find this little gem. Haha. Too bad.

The next day, Ichi. This was good too. It wasn't astoundingly brilliant like after school. But, it still has its own merits. Ayase Haruka is simply beautiful. She doesn't have to do much, just stand there and look pretty. And it works! Storyline was pretty slow but I was indulging the fact that I'm watching a Japanese movie in a theatre. It was also quiet. I couldn't eat my bag of chips that I snuck in. Overall, it was a pleasing film.

I cheated with ALWAYS 2 and Welcome to the quiet room. I saw both on Bad bad. But, that's because I couldn't go watch it in the cinema. I had work. I wished I'd seen ALWAYS 2 in the cinema. It's just breathtakingly beautiful. Also because Horikita Maki is in that. You guys might want to check out ALWAYS first though. It's on crunchyroll as well.

Next one is tommorow, Kabei. This might prove to be yet another good one. With the likes of director Yoji Yamada, famous for Daremo Shiranai (Nobody knows), and also one of my favourite japanese actors, Tadanobu Asano!'s going to be great!

Apart from these movies, I've also rented out 5 DVDs last night. I watched one this morning (Miss Potter) and there's 4 more to go. The marathonia continues!

Also, I've been busy coming up with ideas for short films. I've finished writing one. We'll see how that goes. I'm writing a second one now. And there's 3 more ideas in my head. Slow and steady, pen to paper, slow and steady. Exciting times, just can't wait to get back and get things going. It's just a matter of time.



The Great Swifty said...

Oh, yeah, Kabee's really good. Kinda depressing though.

kinteruvoid said...

shit, i spelled it wrong. It's supposed to be Kaabee or something?? I'll be prepared to be depressed. thanks for the heads up.

Silence said...

wahh...mmg movie marathon abis ni~ nak tgk citer iichi tu..mcm menarik jer..

kinteruvoid said...

ichi best! silakan tengok.

Jumping Jane. said...

Oh wow! Sounds fun! Banyak nya masa, cuti eh?

kinteruvoid said...

memang banyak masa pun.sampai tak tau nak buat apa dah. and cuti pun cuti gak.

pinknerd said...

what do you do?

kinteruvoid said...

i wait. unfortunately. sorry for the vague answer.

pinknerd said...

haha, very poetic.

it's alright. i think i got you.