Thursday, January 29, 2009


At the moment, summer is crazy and I smell wood. Man, saw-freaking-dust! in my face! this dude called Mario is slicing up my wooden floor just to make it fit. it's crazy! He's doing everything with sunglasses on. That's what happens when water gets in under wooden floors. Note: Never get wooden flooring close to any kind of water. No Luigi today. Just Mario.

9 days pass. Still no news. Maybe time for a little retail therapy? I dunno.

To film or not to film? Too many DSLR nowadays, puts me off snapping things.

Money makes the world go round but I don't have enough of it for therapy. I've been binge book buying recently and I have 10+ untouched/ half read books. They're all in a box and in a different place so I can't read them yet. Wait till things settle down then I'll dive into my Murakami's and Neil Gaiman's. For the time being, I will try and learn to be a Warrior of Light. Here's a snippet:
The warrior of light concentrates on the small miracles of daily life.

He is capable of seeing what is beautiful because he carries beauty within himself, for the world is a mirror and gives back to each man the reflection of his own face. The warrior knows his faults and limitations, but he does all he can to maintain a good humour in moments of crisis.

The world is, after all, doing its best to help him, even though everything around him seems to be saying the opposite.
-Paolo Coelho, Manual of the Warrior of Light



Inaaz Ariff said...

luigi! hahaha. I really thought u were being serious only for a second. hahah! kodi gila. and for the record, never again, use the word retail therapy! (it's called shopping :)

Gaathumb! said...

tsk tsk. stop buying books!

Jumping Jane. said...

Go lomo ;)

And about books, haha, you're not the only one. Nak beli lagi buku regardless of the 10+ untouched, half read books.

Tamak kita semua ni.

kinteruvoid said...

inaaz: ye laa. shopping. kecoh seh.

sab: i'll stop if u stop! temptation to strong. maybe I should start reading, rather than buying saja.

jane: lomo mahal kat sini. dah try dah. i've posted a pic on here pun, a balloon, tak ingat bila. mahal!

Gaathumb! said...

hahaha i know what you mean. i just bought 2 the other day from that shop at railway square. and i ordered some from amazon. argh!

too many dslr's, but none with the same eye behind it. if it makes you happy, who cares what others have?

mademoiselle_fatin said...

Hello Nik!
Someone recommended me Murakami a few years back. I started with Norwegian Wood (could be a bad choice) and I hated it. And I never read his books again. I have another one that sounds something like 'Kafka something something' left untouched.

So now my question is, are his other books good?

kinteruvoid said...

haha, if you hated it, then you wont like his other ones. norwegian wood was one of the more conservative ones (Anh Hung Trannak buat movie ni). Kafka on the shore is a bit crazy.