Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Peak

I'm not sure what it's called. The golden years? Hmm, maybe that's old age. It's definitely called 'youth' but that's so boring. It must have a better name. I can't remember. But whatever it is, I am at the peak of my time, I'm supposed to be unstoppable now, conquering opportunities, ambition and dreams.

I always thought that the early twenties was the perfect age to live. Do what you want, no regrets, but of course with limitations. I am not afraid of temptation. I believe in my values and principles enough to not do something stupid. I won't do anything that will leave me ashamed of myself. I do have vices though. Oh well.

We are mentally prepared. Less talk, more action. I choose to do what I love, throwing away stability in the process. Everything will work out when the time is right.

Knowledge. I have very limited knowledge on the world. Especially emotionally. 24 years hasn't supplied me anywhere near enough knowledge. I don't even know much about my home country or it's neighbours. I will spend a month traveling around Malaysia, alone. Okay, maybe longer. A week in each state (macam ada duit je).

Travel and learn. Jauh perjalanan, luas pemandangan. I haven't even been to Singapore, Thailand or even Sabah and Sarawak!

This is the last year I can go visit my brother in London. I'm not too much of a fan of the whole Eurotrip thing but will do. Maybe Snowboarding with my cousin's family in Finland. Go around India on a train.

Kan best kalau aku anak Tan Sri or Sultan. Kalau related pun okay dah.

Then what? Stability. That's hard. Not to worry, all in due time. For now, layan lagu jepun dulu.



Inaaz Ariff said...

is this the 25 random things about you?
he he he :p

kinteruvoid said...

memang tak la. it's 10 things i hate about you. laaame.

Idzani Johar said...

let's go to woolloomoolloo. lol. never thot ure much of a traveller.
dude, still in sydney rite?

Jumping Jane. said...

Haha, that 25 random things, kat FB bersepah.

Anyway, thing is, why do we have to travel around just to find out self stability. Kan?

Pelik. But you know, I guess you just have to see what's out there. Out of our "bubble" but I prefer it to be our "Comfort zone".

All the best. Stability, one of the ultimate things to achieve. Comes altogether with Self-Actualization.

kinteruvoid said...

id: brape kali kau nak gi doh! slambe. sydnikon kena online again tahun ni. most orang suka travel tapi biasa lah, masa dan duit. bila balik?

jane: i wanna travel to experience and learn things. not for self stability. Stability is not my ultimate target but it will eventually be a target. i like a 'bubble of comfort'. being 'outside' doesnt necessarily mean uncomfortable kan?

Jumping Jane. said...

Woah, why didn't I see it that way before? Heh, terima kasih.

Tapi somehow to me traveling memang lah experience and learn things. Specially kalau alone kan, makes you think more, realize what we have, and the whole process of experiencing and reflecting back.

Okay I'm talking too much, sorry and thank you.

Anonymous said...

india by rail!

india by rail!