Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Screenplay 1.1 - What is a screenplay?

ACT I: Set-up -> plot point 1 -> ACT II: Confrontation -> plot point 2 -> ACT III: Resolution

The story is set up, the characters are established,the situation is shown, we find out what the story is about and what he relationships of the characters are.

The main character(s) needs in the story is challenged. (S)he faces obstacles that keep them from achieving their goal in the story. There is a conflict.

Unlike an ending, a resolution is the solution to the problem put forth by the story.

Plot points:
are incidents that occur that will ultimately change the course of the story from one act to another. It changes the flow of the screenplay to a different direction. Act I turns into act II, act II turns into act III.

*personal notes from chapter 1 of 'Screenplay' by Syd Field. I'm at chapter 3 atm. More to come.

I begin my journey into the world of films, officially starting Monday. Action!


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