Saturday, February 28, 2009

the ticking time bomb

I've always been worried of the ticking time bomb. I thought it was gonna go off about one year ago. looks like its probably definitely going off some time at the end of this year. I'm not sure if I'm prepared for it. Maybe I should be. It's been ticking for awhile.

Once it blows, its the end of my life here as I know it. Metallica said it, only 'memory remains'. In a way, the bulk of the good stuff are already memories, but at least now I can still be in denial, as long as the bomb is still ticking. Here's me going on about the past again. pfft!

I guess we face a few ticking time bombs throughout our measly lives (one of them was when I had to stay away from home, one was moving here) but this one would be the biggest one yet. It's not as big as 'death' but for now, from where I'm standing, it's pretty fucking huge. Not yet! But there's no stopping it. It's inevitable.

Hope: the time left is well spent with important people.
Hope: they have the time for it.

*note: I freaking hate Beyonce's 'single ladies' song. WTF.

the wishing well band.



Gaathumb! said...

sempat blog rupanya ;P
tengok cepat!

kinteruvoid said...

ew! haha. sila tengok updates - wishing well band. layan seh.

kinteruvoid said...

oh btw, yea memang sempat!

Gaathumb! said...

kamu lambat. i saw the myspace page as soon as i got home this afternoon. they sound better live la i think. i nak tau what song they played tu when we just got to glebe! sedap macam ayam goreng.

kinteruvoid said...

rasanya dari myspace page diorang, lagu life on the border kot yg famous. tapi ntah la. tak ingat lak bunyi camne.