Sunday, March 1, 2009


i haven't been to classes for awhile. starting tomorrow, it's going to be hectic. full time classes from monday to wednesday. night class on thursday. work from friday to sunday. goodbye social life. oh well, sacrifices need to be made. One of the strongest people that I know is going through worse scheduling problems and being away from home. That one is a tough cookie. Hang in there!



Gaathumb! said...

ada social life ke?
he he he he
just kidding :P

pinknerd said...

hang in there ;)

kinteruvoid said...

sab: memang takde! but at least ada la masa to watch movies before this kan.

pinknerd: so far it's not that bad yet. but it will be though. am hanging.

Inaaz Ariff said...

In between these stressful times, do try to stop and smell the flowers once in a while, as someone once told me to. (it doesnt always have to be flowers la. metaphor.)Good luck!

yanti said...

ko sambung blaja ke? gd luck..