Monday, April 6, 2009

story story

A man sits at a cafe, looking around and absorbing his surroundings. The waiter gets his order, coffee. She goes on to get orders from other customers. She accidentally steps on a dogs tail. It yelps in pain.

A young woman comes and joins the man. She is revealed to be the daughter. The man has a gift for her, neatly packaged in a box. It is a shiny gun, with silver bullets to match. She examines it and finds that it is to her liking. She loads it.

An old lady is about to cross the street. The young woman sees her and takes aim. A shot is fired and the old woman is left on the ground, dead. No one seems to care, everything doesn't even stop.

Two policemen walk along and finds the old woman's body. They look around and spots the father and daughter at the cafe. They go over. One of them inquires about the gun. Dad says its a gift. His daughter asks the cops if they like the gun. They say they do.


~I thought that was interesting. some may disagree.
~this is plagiarized kinda. yay.



S said...

Is this from ur class too N?

N said...

Yes S, it is. wah, makin byk nama huruf ni. adakah S sebelum ini G?

N said...

oh btw, what do u think of it?

G said...

Which S do you think this is?

Cerita pasal werewolves! Hoho.