Saturday, November 1, 2008


Angan-angan Mat Jenin. I know there's a story about Mat Jenin who likes to daydream. I just can't think of what he was daydreaming about and what happened to him. I know it wasn't something good.

Nevertheless, I still like to daydream.

I like fictional real characters. This means the character is 'loosely' based on a real person. I don't write about myself much. Maybe its some kind of phobia but I'm scared of revealing my 'inner' self. But everything is fine in fiction.

My fictional character would be called Zuhal, like the planet. (This name is partly inspired by 'Matahari' credits to YMF Kish). Zuhal is going to be following 'the Hero's journey'. He will have at least three different points in his life.

He starts of comfortable in his own world, content with whatever it is that he does. He then gets confronted with an unavoidable 'dillema/problem'. This could either be from an outside source or from within. I prefer the latter just because I find it can open up huge possibilities but it comes with the risk of being cliche. Zuhal then continues to travel through the second 'phase' of his fictional life, facing the aforementioned 'problem' (whatever it may be). Finally, he learns from this experience and this changes him. He would bring this new knowledge back to his original world to affect it somehow.

As you can see, Zuhal is still just an empty vessel at this stage and that's okay. Hopefully, I'll be able to paint him more in the future. A second observation could also be that this is quite a linear experience. This is true but that could be spiced up a little.

The HOW part is a totally different story.



Jumping Jane. said...

Hah! You remind me someone. Haha, it's either you play too much video games or you can't help but plotting your fantasy world. :P

kinteruvoid said...

well jane, it's not's both! i'm a huge geek. =)

Inaaz Hanoum Ariff said...

since when were u a geek, nik? How come I never knew that side of you?

kinteruvoid said...

as in play games? well, most guys have their inner geek i think.