Monday, November 3, 2008

Recollection of past (non)adventures

On my first day of school, I received RM5 from my dad. He told me to buy food during recess. I was pretty hungry that day and I needed to get food. Waiting for recess felt like the longest time, even though I had no idea what recess was. When it finally came, I went to the canteen to look for some FOOD. There were so many kids around pushing and shoving and screaming and laughing. We were supposed to queue up, but being kids, that did not happen.

For the longest time, I was standing at the very front, in front of the mak cik kantin, looking for something worth RM5. I couldn't find anything. Packets of tiny munchies and sweets for 50sen, 20sen, 10sen...and a super delicious mee goreng for RM1.

"Why?! Why is nothing RM5?! I'm so hungry!"

I didn't buy anything that day.

I went home and told my dad. He laughed at me, I didn't understand why.

The next day, he gave RM1 for my pocket money. Finally, I get to buy my mee goreng. Yay!

Note: I got RM1 until the end of form 3.



Jumping Jane. said...

HAHAHAHA!! adoi.

Funny how the economy is now.

'Makcik kantin', I guess everyone uses it.

yaya schmaya :) said...

hahahaha. love this entry.
sangat creative-writing material

kinteruvoid said...

jane: I have no idea how much things cost now in school canteens. must be mahal gila! rindu skolah. adoi indeed! =)

yaya: creative writing la sangat. semakin banyak tulis, semakin malas. As usual. Apa lah blog private.

Gaathumb! said...

hahaha. takpe. i got 10 sen in standard one, 20 sen in standard 2, and so on so forth. every time my dad offered me rm10, i asked for rm1, and i thought that you could buy a house with rm1000.

yes, it's sab. ;P

kinteruvoid said...

ye sab, i know its u. haha.

10 sen boleh beli keropok petak warna oren tu jer. kesian. tipulah form 3 u dapat 90sen. kesian. 9 paket je.

Jumping Jane. said...

er, i have a question. back then, you people tak tau the value of money ke? I mean, sekolah menengah oi! Sekolah menengah kena ada at least 3 ringgit to beli stuff kat canteen, and koperasi.

Your mee goreng, 2 years ago I think it was RM 1+. and nasi goreng too. Last time I heard (few months ago), chicken chop kat sekolah RM 5. Gila kan, ada chicken chop kat sekolah?? Zzzz

shiraz b said...

haha silly.

kinteruvoid said...

jane: i learned about the value of money on my first day. so frm 2nd day onwards, tau lah. wow, 2 yrs ago was 1+, okay la tu not too bad. sekolah menengah tu cerita zaman bila lah. haha.

shiraz: memang sangat silly. one action, huge consequence. if i spent tht RM5, i would've gotten RM5 everyday. kaya.

Gaathumb! said...

hahha takdelah. form 1 dah graduate dapat rm1. after that came inflation so i got more money. mwahaha. i never liked those keropok anyway. in form 1 there were still those 50sen nasi lemak bungkus in the canteen that actually tasted good. duit baki, beli frozen jelly perisa pineapple. ohyeah.

yaya schmaya :) said...

ahahahha bukan i dah invite you to view my blog ke? hehe if not, gimme your blogger gmail login....i'll include in the list.

cheeerrs, creative writer haha.