Friday, November 7, 2008

Floating in vacuum, Moksha and Gelombang Cinta

I have been lazy these few days. Last month was my busiest month ever, in terms of blogging. I've never written so much shit in my life. Maybe except the time when I was back in high school, writing my 'Agama' exam paper.

My back is killing me. This imac requires me to sit in an up right postion. Kalau laptop, boleh baring and malas-malas.

It is now 4.31am in the morning and I don't have any reason to be up. There's nothing that is interesting happening. 25 people are online in my MSN, 222 offline. I just chat with only about 5 people from the list, the other about 5-10 very rarely, and the rest, probably never. My facebook is practically in a standstill for some reason. Maybe its exam season and nobody's really doing anything, indirectly making me not have anything to do. I just feel like writing some empty crap on here that has no meaning whatsoever.

It is going to be hard for people to comment because apparently, this post has no real content. Some who feel like commenting would maybe come up with a 'hahaha', or 'Finally, first to comment!'*

I can't remember if I've plugged anything before on here. So, if you're feeling down whenever you're reading this, or maybe stuck at work, or have millions of assignments due and just need a break, or sitting alone at starbucks with your laptop and getting annoyed with the noisy surrounding, get the idea, you can check out the following (if you haven't already):

1. Flight of the Conchords (saw this again after awhile):

2. Mr. Afeeeeeeef pointed out this funny little clip that I've so ignorantly missed out on. Meet Achmed:

Oh Butterfingers, thank you for 'Floating in Vacuum' and 'Moksha' and the likes. Brings back good old memories. Maybe this is what they mean by 'Kembali', reminding us that they're still there and to go back and listen to old records. It's a good soundtrack for middle-of-the-night inspirations.

Is anybody in the mood for love(not really):

09 Gelombang Cinta.mp3 - Butterfingers

*1. I don't see the point of being first in a comment box, is there an organisation that keeps track of first commentors and supply funky prizes like a trip around India on The Darjeeling Limited Express? 2. I don't think anyone reading my blog is racing to be first to comment.



Anonymous said...

First! haha!

I think I've just validated your point that "Some who feel like commenting would maybe come up with a 'hahaha', or 'Finally, first to comment!'".

Inaaz Hanoum Ariff said...

nik, good use of reverse psychology. Now you have 2 comments!

Jumping Jane. said...

Weh, Jejari Mentega album baru best ke ha?

Okay sounds so rude. Mr. Kinteruvoid, is Butterfingers' new album any good?

Jumping Jane. said...

P/S: The point of being first to comment, HAHA I don't get it either. But maybe they adapted the whole, 'I need to be the best/first/on top' notions a little too much in their lifestyle.

Like, "OMG! I have heard that band like so long time ago. Kau baru dengar ke weh? Koman gila"


"OMG! Damn poyo lah you, that movie is like so lama dah!"

-_________- annoys the hell out of me

kinteruvoid said...

zek: you can't resist it can you. don't do yoga in msia. wink.

inaaz: i have no idea about psychology. plus, it's not like i'm trying to get points for getting more comments.

jane: all i can say about that is that it grows on you. if you get what loque and friends are trying to get at, then its worthwhile to listen. It's their 'second phase', according to them. kawan kita zurairifm ada pernah review album tu if u wanna have a look. =)

yaya schmaya :) said...


(since I didnt get to be the FIRST to comment, hish!)

hahaha again.

eh i havent chatted with u on msn for a longggg longgg time.

nway i like this entry....sangat jarang to see kinteru writing up an entry like this.

hahaha buat kali terakhir.

yaya schmaya :) said...

and oh you can view my blog already :D

kaznessrocks said...

pergi carik ameltz yoko yoko.

hahahaha nik ada bloggg siottt!

Inaaz Hanoum Ariff said...

I re-read this post because I remember laughing while reading it the first time. And I found the point where I started to laugh.

Duchess Doro said...

Wait. I see Jeff Dunham in there sumwhere! And Achmed! I prefer Peanut but oh well.

I wish thyd use random number generators to give those funky prizes to blog commentors. At least I'd stand a chance tht way. Hmm..

kinteruvoid said...

yaya: takpelah, i bagi you menang lah. even though you're not first.

kaz: sorry ar. sini takde yoko-yoko. actually, sorry for me lah.

inaaz: i understand ur bosan-ness. sampai baca my blog 2 kali. mesti uber bosan.

duchess doro: SILENCE! I KILL YOU! Achmed is so jauh lagi cool compared to peanut!


erina_z said...

ceh. u and ur reverse psychology. u said the 'first person to comment' too many times until its too obvious.

Duchess Doro said...

NO! Peanut lagi cool ok!!!


watch it!

wow nik, u dont know who i am?