Sunday, November 23, 2008

I can't wait to watch these

After School

If what we know of anyone's character is limited to what they want to reveal, how can we really know the truth about them? Three high school alumni and a shifty detective find themselves tangled in a web of deceit under the watchful eyes of the yakuza. Like planning for the perfect heist, this intriguing drama of love and affection will catch you completely off guard like a lurking pawn who just became Queen.

After three hard-working years, After School is the follow up to Kenji Uchida’s unheralded debut, A Stranger of Mine that won several prizes during the Critics’ Fortnight at the Cannes International Film Festival in 2005.

Director : Kenji Uchida

Producer : Makoto Fujimoto (exec), Satoshi Akagi, Hiroshi Ohnishi, Daisuke Ohoka

Screenplay : Kenji Uchida

Cast : Yo Oizumi, Masato Sakai, Kuranosuke Sasaki, Takako Tokiwa

Japanese w/English subtitles
2008 | 35mm | 102 Mins | Comedy/ Suspense/ Mystery

Sydney: Tue 2 Dec, 8:00pm


On a journey to find her long-lost caretaker, Ichi travels alone. She is beautiful, gifted with a remarkable shamisen ability… and is blind. Many try to take advantage of her disability but beneath her frail exterior lies an iron-willed justice-seeking swordswoman. She trusts no one and fights with passion and absolute precision. Her voyage leads her to meet Toma, a samurai, and she finds herself caught in a web between two factions vying for power.

Director : Fumihiko Sori

Producers : Nobuyuki Toya (exec), Nobuhiro Azuma, Koji Yoshida, Yasushi Umemura

Screenplay : Taeko Asano

Cast : Haruka Ayase, Takao Osawa, Shidou Nakamura, Yosuke Kubozuka

Japanese w/English subtitles
2008 | 35mm | 118 mins | Action/ Samurai/ Romance

Sydney: Wed 3 Dec, 9:15pm

Always, Sunset on Third Street 2

Following the box office sensation of Always, Sunset on Third Street, the residents of Third Street return in this uplifting story of hope. Tokyo Tower is now completed, and Japan is about to begin a decade-long boom. This period piece of life in post war times serves as a reminder that despite the many obstacles and adversaries we face, there is always a brighter future ahead. The Third Street residents will remind you of the essential elements of the simple life: love, joy, hope and plenty of laughter.

Director : Takashi Yamazaki

Producers : Shuji Abe (exec), Seiji Okuda (exec), Chikahiro Ando, Nozomu Takahashi, Keiichiro Moriya

Original Story : Ryohei Saigan

Screenplay : Takashi Yamazaki, Ryota Kosawa

Cast : Hidetaka Yoshioka, Shinichi Tsutsumi, Koyuki

Japanese w/English subtitles
2007 | 35mm | 146 mins | Drama/ Comedy

Sydney: Wed 3 Dec, 6:30pm

The quiet room

Asuka awakes to find herself in the isolated ward of a psychiatric hospital for women. The young magazine journalist has been in a coma for two days after an abusive night of alcohol and sedatives, and no recollection of what happened. In ‘the quiet room’, Asuka is forced to deal with her repressed past, amidst a quirky assortment of fellow patients.

Director : Suzuki Matsuo

Producers : Masao Toyoshima (exec), Naoki Kitagawa (exec), Shiniji Ogawa

Original Story : Suzuki Matsuo

Screenplay : Suzuki Matsuo

Cast : Yuki Uchida, Kankuro Kudo, Yu Aoi, Ryo

Japanese w/English subtitles
2007 | 35mm | 118 mins | Drama/ Comedy

Sydney: Fri 5 Dec, 8:55pm

Kabei - Our Mother

Set in the shadows of pre-WWII, the sudden arrest of Shigeru sends the Nogami family into distress. Kayo, along with her two daughters, is now left alone to carry the burden of making ends meet. Life is tough as fear, exhaustion and anxiety settles in, yet Kayo maintains her firm composure. Kabei - Our Mother is a compelling account of maternal love and survival, paying homage to mothers who have sacrificed their all for the sake of their family.

Director : Yoji Yamada

Producers : Hiroshi Fukazawa, Takashi Yajima

Original Story : Teruyo Nogami

Screenplay : Yoji Yamada, Emiko Hiramatsu

Cast : Sayuri Yoshinaga, Mitsugoro Bando, Tadanobu Asano

Japanese w/English subtitles
2007 | 35mm | 132 mins | Drama

Sydney: Sat 6 Dec, 1:30pm

*Information taken from Sydney Japanese Film Festival Website.

I'll probably be watching these alone. loner sial. Might miss Ichi. hmmm.



Silence said...

macam best jer citer-citer ni..haishh~ wajib tengok jugak ni! tapi tunggu torrent ar.. hehehee.. thanks 4 sharing the info.. saya sangat suka nonton filem or drama jepon!

kinteruvoid said...

yes memang macam best. dua dari cerita ni ada kat Tsk tsk tak baik tgk yg ciplak.

Silence said...

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